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Event in Review - Empowering Expat Partners

Our Empowering Expat Partners workshop on 28 October 2019 was a huge success at the Australian Ambassadors residence.

We heard real, relatable stories from those trailing spouses who have managed to find a way to continue their careers in new places, looked for new opportunities or reinvented themselves.

Our professional panel provided insight into maximizing your opportunities to return to the workforce here in the UAE. We look forward to moving forward with more initiatives to support expat partners in Abu Dhabi. If you are interested in futre event like this then please provide your feedback here

 Thanks to all those people who supported the event Britt Spyrou, Maedhbh Cronin, Khalida Zinet, Pal Chakravorty, Kate Midttun, John MacDonald & Lamyse Ammar


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