Newsletter 11/2015

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1. What do you do here in the UAE? And how long they have you been here?

I run Tribe Consulting, a boutique project development and financial advisory practice focused on infrastructure transactions.

Tribe now operates in Asia and the Middle East with a small team of professional staff that help structure projects mostly for private equity/developer clients.

I have been in Abu Dhabi for 9 years. When I arrived the public sector worked Saturday – Wednesday, Sadiyaat Island didn’t exist and we had no Formula 1. 

Two of our four children were born in the UAE and our eldest is now a teenager so yes we have seen some changes!


2. What is your work background?

I studied engineering at university which led me to a project management career in real estate and infrastructure development with Lend Lease in Australia and Asia. 

I moved to the UAE in 2006 with the ADCB Macquarie joint venture to work on the original Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) transactions.

Abu Dhabi has been a great experience as I have worked on all aspects of infrastructure development, asset and funds management which has led me to helping clients do what we do now.

In early 2011 I returned to the consulting world, set up Tribe to work on structuring transactions which is what I enjoy most. 

3. ‎ What are your aspirations?

More time with family, less time on a plane (at least for work) having built a successful team that makes me obsolete. 

4. Name a pivotal turning point in your career?

Being spotted taking time out during the week at a corporate golf day by the head of infrastructure at a former employer when I thought I was a property guy.

I haven’t seen that many property deals or corporate golf days since… 

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