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Social Media Event 13th April

What does social media mean to you, and your brand?

For many, social media sits quite low on their daily schedule, but for those who attended the Social Media for Businessevent held at the Park Rotana on Wednesday the 13thof April, social media might now become more of a priority.

Organised as a joint event through the Australian Business Group and BeNeLux Business Council, and attended by more than 40 guests, it was an evening that served as a social media primer for anyone who has an online presence.

Chaired by Vania Henry, co-founder of Red Lion Consultants, from the outset it became clear that ‘brand’ applies not only to the reputation of an organisation, but also of the individual.

Using linkedin profiles as an example, Vania pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of what it means to be marketing oneself as an individual online. The primary message was one of consistency: “Remember, anything you put up on the internet remains there forever. Just because you separate Linkedin as business, and Facebook as pleasure, does not mean that people looking for you will see the same separation if they Google you,” Vania said as she fielded questions from the audience.

In addition, Vania suggested that it is not enough for people to post something on a social media platform and simply expect interaction. “Your brand needs to engage with other brands as well. We should always look for likeminded content on other pages and comment, share, and like those posts. In this way we encourage others to do the same for us,” she said.

The audience also heard that the best way to draw attention to an organisation or individual is to make sure that any content that is sent out to social media uses keywords that are pertinent to the brand being promoted. Vania said that this is the most important thing to do “…we might not like Google, but they do own the highway we are driving on. Making it easier for Google to index your pages pushes your pages further up the search rankings. This makes it easier for people to find you, and your content.”

Even those who thought they knew what social media was all about came away from this excellent lecture with some extra tools to sharpen their profiles, with many agreeing that there was always more that they could do to maximise their online presence.

It is a competitive market out there in social media land, and this networking event delivered some invaluable social media advice. Thanks to AusBG, BeNeLux and Vania Henry, it would be no surprise if there have since been a lot of changes made to many Linkedin profiles. Primarily due to Social Media for Business attendees having raced home to sharpen their online presence – gaining an edge over their competition in the process.

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