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Angus Winterflood of Food Source International

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Angus Winterflood is the General Manager of Food Source International in UAE and Oman operations, a fully owned subsidiary of Australian business Mulwarra Export based in Sydney. Food Source International is an import and distribution business selling food products to Hotels, Restaurants and Catering sectors with approximately 80% of those sales made up of Australian Beef, Lamb, Wagyu, Veal and other Australian produce. In addition to our Food Source operations in UAE and Oman we have recently opened a Food Source branch in Vietnam, based out of Ho Chi Minh City to capitalise on that growing market.

Food Source’s Australian parent company Mulwarra Export, is a 100% export focused business selling and marketing premium Australian produce primarily its own Branded boxed Meat Beef, Lamb, Veal and other meat items selling to over 35 countries worldwide. Before moving to UAE to take over management of Food Source operations based in UAE I was export manager at Mulwarra looking after development of business in China and Hong Kong and other South East Asian markets such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. I come from an agricultural background with a family farm in Southern NSW and having worked in several roles within the Agricultural  industry before moving to UAE with a strong grounding in both production and the world of international trade and business.  

To find out more about Food Source International visit their website. 


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