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Joint AusBG Embassy Iftar

AusBG was proud to co-host the Australian Embassy iftar for the Australian Business and Australian Emirati Alumni on 22 May.  Our chairperson, Kate Midttun, welcomed attendees to the iftar as we break fast with both Emirati’s familiar with our culture as we experience theirs, but particularly important this year during the Year of Tolerance.  HE Arthur Spyrou, spoke about the special bonds that bring us together, but also on how he is enjoying this Ramadan with his family, particularly reflective during his last Ramadan in the UAE. Guest speaker, Dr Taher Albraik Al Ameri spoke about his time in Australia and the importance of community and tolerance.  A wonderful night shared by all, on behalf of AusBG, a very big thank you to the Australian Emirati Alumni Community and the Embassy for a wonderful evening.  

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